Pipe Laying

Dirt workingLaying pipe

Sully Locker

Building demolitionBuilding demolition continues

Grinnell Lagoon

Equipment digging the lagoon

Sewer Line

Trench box use for a new line.

Sewer trench

Repairing a 16" sewer line in March 2017

Accessing the pipeWorking on the pipeMetal repair jacket

Black Oak Addition

Leveling groundRoad bed Moving dirt Water drainage

House Demolition

Starting the the demoHouse coming down Empty basement Clear basement

Road Bore

Bore work in October 2012

Road Bore

Water Main Work

In Sully, IA June 2012

Water main work

Key Cooperative

Work done in April 2012 in Barnes City

Key Coop Key Coop Key Coop Key Coop

Harms' Farm

Plowing tile in February 2012 at Steve Harms' Farm.

Harms' Farm Harms' Farm Harms' Farm

Pella Christian High School

Work Included: Site Preparation, Sewer and Water, Football Field Tiling

PCHS Home of the EaglesPCHS Football field